Diversity in assessment

Oral and poster presentations

Oral and poster presentations are an excellent way to assess students' communication skills, and as such are particularly valued by employers. Increasingly, students are familiar with giving presentations, with or without the use of visual aids, from school and further education. They present particular challenges in terms of organisation and presentation of information, and are more likely to elicit personal, authentic responses which rule out or deter plagiarism.

Individual presentations can, however, be very labour intensive to manage and for this reason are often avoided in large group situations. However, tasking students with oral or poster presentations in a seminar setting allows excellent scope for independent learning and provides excellent opportunities for both formative and summative assessment.

Case studies of practice


Introduction to Law case study Word version
Law: Introduction to Law (pdf)


Psychology Research Project Case Study Word version

Psychology: Research Project (pdf)

Psychology Animal Cognition case study Word version

Psychology: Animal Cognition (pdf)



Childhood and Youth Studies case study Word version

Education: Health and Relationships (pdf)