Example marking and feedback forms

Marking and feedback forms: examples of good practice at Exeter

A well designed form for marking and feedback can remind colleagues of the type of feedback they should include, and promote consistency of practice across modules, programmes and disciplines. The following examples all contain good practice features.

Aspects of practice to note are:

  • A section of the form clearly labelled for comments to help students improve (‘feed forward’) 
  • Space for positive as well as negative comments
  • Inclusion of the marking criteria so it is clear how the overall mark awarded was reached, and which aspects of the work were weaker or stronger
  • In the Classics sheet, the students are invited to request specific feedback, encouraging critical reflection prior to receipt of feedback
  • In the Sport and Health Sciences sheet, students are directed to ‘common errors’ feedback on ELE, and indications are given of aspects of academic practice that need to be improved and where further help can be obtained, thus encouraging self-reliance