The RADAR toolkit in action: acetates are used to overlay different assessment designs

The RADAR Toolkit

The RADAR toolkit is a collection of Resources for Assessment Design, Alignment and Review, a set of thinking tools designed to support academic staff in analysing how existing assessments align with good practice according to educational research. They provide concrete ideas as to what changes might be made to assessment and feedback in order to improve it

The toolkit has been designed to be flexible. The tools can be applied separately or together, for an individual module or across an entire programme, and by individuals or groups of staff.

What's in the toolkit?

The core of the toolkit comprises:

Using the toolkit in practice: an itinerary

How the tools are applied will depend on your individual circumstance, but we have prepared a suggestd itinerary in order to help speed up the process. The suggested itinerary shows how the tools may be integrated into a coherent series of activities, this example itinerary comprises four elements:

  1. Preliminary work to diagnose issues with assessment and feedback within the programme
  2. A set of independent tasks for module convenors
  3. A morning/afternoon event for the programme team
  4. A post-event working party for examining cross-cutting issues (e.g. assessment norms)

‌ Download the RADAR Itinerary Diagram A3 (pdf, 592kb)