Bringing together staff, students and employers to create employability focused assessments enhanced by technology.

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About The Collaborate Project

Collaborate was a 3 year, award winningJisc funded project, that began in December 2011. It aimed to introduce new generation assignments, based around real-world and scenario based activities, designed collaboratively by staff, students and employers. The project was directed by Liz Dunne, managed by Dr Richard Osborne and supported by Stuart Redhead and Charlotte Anderson.

The project had three key threads:

  • Employability
  • Assessment
  • Technology

It explored how assessments could be changed to embed employability at the very heart of academic practice, using digital technologies to support that process.

Project Outcomes

Collaborate worked in depth with several modules from across the University, bringing in employers to work with programme teams and students, redesigning assessments according to a new model for Work-Integrated Assessment and introducied technologies to staff and students to support their learning and teaching.

The project developed four packages of guidance based around:

Three Video Walls

Video clips played a major part in the project’s development. We have found that one of the best ways of documenting, showcasing and evaluating our research is through this medium. To watch clips of interviews with staff, students and employers visit our three video walls:

  • We began with Voices to inform our thinking
  • This led to Conversations that helped develop products
  • We concluded with Reflections on the impact of the products

Awards & Recognition