A selection of Tech Trumps

Tech Trumps

Digital technologies can be a powerful way of supporting students, by extending and augmenting their existing knowledge, skills and competencies. The ‘Tech Trumps” – digital playing cards in the top trump style – are a way for students and academics to find technologies which would be most appropriate to support them according to a specific assessment design. They summarise the strengths of everyday technologies – their affordances if you will – in relation to a specific learning context.

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How to use the Tech Trumps

Together with the Dimensions of Work-Integrated Assessment model, a design tool to help academics develop assessments, the tech trumps can be used to align a specific learning scenario with technologies which should be effective in supporting that scenario.

Although the cards have been created with assessment redesign in mind, they can also be used in many other contexts. For example, as a simple tool to search for technologies related to particular needs or for simply browsing through and learning about different technologies.

† Tech Trumps Browser restricted to University of Exeter staff and students only

Insight Videos

Staff from across the University discuss how they use various technologies to support and enhance their work.



Prof. Richard Toye discusses the use of Twitter


Box of Broadcasts

Dr. Phil Wickham talks about the benefits of using Box of Broadcasts



Dr. Paul Young explains how he uses Padlet for group work



Prof. Richard Toye talks about how he uses Soundcloud in his teaching



Jack Hyde introduces the potential benefits of Screencast-O-Matic



Dr. Damien Mansell talks about his use of ResponseWare to increase student engagement in his lectures