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Selection, Interviewing and Unconscious Bias



Leadership and Management.


Professional Knowledge and Business Skills.

About this course:

Making sound decisions about the appointment of new employees is absolutely critical to the success of the University and involves considering how best to assess applicants; creating a level playing field and understanding your responsibilities relating to employment law and best practice.

This course will help you structure interviews, ask critical questions and present the organisation in the best possible light.

It will ensure that you have a legally-compliant selection process and ultimately give you confidence and reassurance that you've recruited the person who is the best match for the role.

The session will also explore the impact of unconscious bias in the context of recruitment and selection.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:.

- Identify and deploy appropriate selection methods (e.g.

interviews, presentations, ability tests, etc.).

- Structure an interview, preparing appropriate questions and using effective questioning techniques.

- Have a good understanding of equality and diversity issues, including good practice, major legal issues in recruitment and selection and dealing with subjectivity.

- Appreciate how unconscious bias can adversely affect judgement and decision making and negatively impact on selection and business performance and take steps to mitigate any biases.

- Arrive at soundly-based selection decisions, objectively evaluating candidates at shortlist and interview stage and providing appropriate feedback.

Who should attend this course:

This course is aimed at academic and Professional Services staff who sit on or chair interview panels.


Fiona McPhail, McPhail Watmore Associates Ltd

Before the course:

Prior to attending this course, delegates are required to undertake the online Recruitment and Selection course which is mandatory for all staff who manage people.


- University of Exeter recruitment and selection information:. .

- Equality Challenge Unit:. .

- Unconscious Bias Toolkit:.

Training Provider:

This course is administered by People Development; please contact for more details.

This course occurs on the following dates
06/02/2019 Streatham: Northcote House, Senate/Council Chamber 09:30 13:00 Free Fiona Mcphail 2
20/03/2019 xPenryn: Exchange Yellow 13:00 16:30 Free Fiona Mcphail 14
27/03/2019 Streatham: Forum, Training Room 09:30 13:00 Free Fiona Mcphail 14

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