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About this course:

This course will give an overview concept of Tier 4 sponsorship, the duties required of the University as a Tier 4 sponsor, and the process by which students obtain a Tier 4 visa.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:.

- Explain the principles of Tier 4 sponsorship.

- Describe the processes that the University has in place to ensure we can carry out our duties as a Tier 4 sponsor.

- Make appropriate referrals for further advice where necessary.

- Recognise the scope of your role in working with Tier 4 students.

- Appreciate the journey that an international student has to go through to get a visa.

Who should attend this course:

Any professional services or academic staff.

Staff specifically involved in student admissions and recruitment and academic staff considering recruiting international students (undergraduate and postgraduate).


Jim Price - Student Immigration Services.

Suzanne Aburagheb - International Student Support.

Learning provider:

This course is administered by People Development; please contact for more details.

This course occurs on the following dates
21/11/2018 Streatham: Forum, Training Room 10:00 12:00 Free 23
27/11/2018 Penryn: Du Maurier Building, Seminar H 09:30 11:00 Free James Price 27
13/02/2019 Streatham: Forum, Training Room 10:00 12:00 Free 26

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