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Personal Effectiveness


Personal Effectiveness

About this course:

Conflict and Assertiveness: how to handle difficult situations and develop positive relationships.

There are so many benefits to working in HE but it is not always a 'bed of roses'.

From time to time we will all come across difficult situations, awkward colleagues, or tricky customers/students, and if they are not dealt with they can get worse.

This course will help you identify triggers that lead to conflict, and use assertiveness and influencing to build relationships constructively.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:.

- Identify what can create / lead to a conflict situation, and how a negative relationship cycle can result.

- Explain how conflict, influencing and assertiveness are related, and how they can be used as an opportunity to build stronger relationships.

- Identify whether a push or pull approach would be most effective when handling common difficult situations, and apply appropriate communication techniques.

- Apply a simple profiling tool to identify how best to communicate with different types of people during difficult conversations.

- Construct an assertive response to a difficult conversation.

- Develop a personal action plan to identify how to improve your conflict management, assertiveness and influencing skills in the workplace.

Who should attend this course:

This course is open to all members of staff.


Sadie Harries from C-Squared Change Consultancy Ltd.

Learning provider:

This course is administered by People Development; please contact for more details.

18/07/2018 Streatham: Harrison, Room 203 09:30 16:30 Free Sadie Sharp 3

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