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Supporting Employee Health Need at Work: Supporting Employees Who Are Experiencing Symptoms Of Menopause



Personal Effectiveness.


Health, Safety and Environment.

About this course:

Monthly one-hour sessions on a range of common physical and mental health conditions, to assist line-managers in their role of supporting employee health needs at work.

Each month a different health topic will be introduced (popular subjects will be repeated if required).

Sessions will include a short presentation on the condition, covering signs and symptoms, the potential impact on work activities, and possible reasonable adjustments to help the employee remain at work.

It will include the opportunity for managers to discuss real cases and share ideas on best practice.

NB: The confidentiality and privacy of employees will be protected by anonymising any cases brought to the session.

Occupational Health will under no circumstances refer to any named employee.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending these sessions, you will:.

- Develop your understanding of a range of health conditions and gain confidence in responding appropriately to employee workplace health needs.

- Be equipped to identify suitable reasonable adjustments to support the employee at work, in line with Equality Act 2010 requirements.

- Reflect on measures implemented from the Managing Wellbeing training and consider what has worked well and not so well.

- Share and reinforce best practice with your peers.

Who should attend this course:

Managers who are interested in learning more about supporting the workplace health needs of those they are line-managing.


Karen Griffiths and other members of the Occupational Health team (Occupational Health Advisors and Disability Advisor).

Before the course:

There may be occasional pre-session reading, but this will not be essential.

The session is designed to be helpful to managers and cause the least possible disruption to their day.


Link to resources for line-managers (Managing Wellbeing Standard, Occupational Health, Wellbeing training programme, Care First, .

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