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About this course:

Regional funding can be used to support a range of activities from student placements, PhD studentships, research and business engagement.

The University of Exeter, in partnership with businesses and universities in the South West, has secured funding from the European Union to support a range of new and exciting sector-based initiatives that will support the growth of our local economies, including:..


- Agri-Tech Cornwall..

- Smartline (Cornwall)..

- South West Satellite Applications Catapult Regional Centre for Excellence..

- Spacetech..

IIB has an expert team dedicated to regional funding sources who can help design and win programmes for academic groups.

This workshop explores how the University of Exeter's academics can engage in Regional Funding programmes, understanding their role and the benefits of participation.

Who should attend this course:

All Academic and Professional Staff who want to generate new funding and research opportunities by working with businesses and other organisations..


Chris Evans: Assistant Director, Regional Impact and Innovation.

Learning provider:

The Innovation, Impact and Business Essentials Series is administered by IIB.

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