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About this course:

This workshop is offered to all staff responsible for tutoring students.

It can be requested on a College-wide or discipline-specific basis, depending on numbers.

This means that the session can be tailored to include the elements most relevant to Tutors in those areas.

Previous sessions have included themes from the following: - An introduction for academic/personal tutors who are new to role - An introduction to the Academic Tutor Framework (ATF) - Academic group tutorial curriculum design - Facilitating small group discussions - Having effective 1to1 conversations - Effective coaching techniques - Focused discussion on student mental health and wellbeing - An introduction to the Health, Wellbeing and Support for Study (HWSS) procedure.

Learning outcomes:

The Intended Learning Outcome of each session will depend on the themes and activities included, but typically as a result of attending this course, you will able to:.

- Discuss the roles and responsibilities of Academic/Personal Tutor and Senior Tutor.

- Apply the principles of the Academic Tutoring Framework pilot with your students, where relevant.

- Review and select appropriate themes and resources for academic group tutorials (according to your role).

- Identify strategies for signposting and/or supporting students with wellbeing issues (according to your role).

Who should attend this course:

New and existing academic staff.


Dr Lisa Alberici, Academic Development Dr Lisa Hayes, Academic Development

Before the course:

Prospective participants will be contacted a week in advance of the workshop with recommended preparation.

The workshop preparation materials and corresponding resources are available from a designated online repository on the Exeter (Virtual) Learning Environment (ELE) at:


Resources for this workshop will be made available through the Exeter Learning Environment (ELE):

Learning provider:

This course is administered by Academic Development; please contact for queries or to request a session for Tutors in your College or discipline.

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