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Health and Safety: Fire Marshal and Evacuation Officer



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Health, Safety and Environment

About this course:

Candidates will have increased fire awareness and some theoretical experience in the use of fire extinguishers and the roles of a Fire Marshal and Evacuation Officer.

They will also be aware of the appropriate response to emergency situations regarding fire warning/raising the alarm and dealing with a fire.

The course is provided online via Microsoft Teams.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:.

- Explain the University's fire safety aims, as prescribed in the Fire Safety Management Standard.

- Explain the duties of an Evacuation Officer and Fire Marshal.

- Recognise how are fire starts and develops.

- Understand what actions to take in the event of a fire and/or being made aware of a fire.

- Outline the safe operation of an Evac Chair and portable fire extinguisher equipment.

Who should attend this course:

This course is mandatory for staff who will be undertaking the role of Fire Marshal or Evacuation Officer as part of a building evacuation plan.

The training detailed is primarily aimed at staff working at the Exeter Streatham and St.Luke's campus sites.

If you are seeking training of this type in your area, contact your local training organiser in the first instance and secondly contact the Exeter based Fire safety team by e-mailing detailing your enquiry.


A suitably trained member of the Fire Safety Team.

What previous participants have said about the course:

"I really enjoyed it and felt it was the best course I have attended at the University".

"It was valuable to learn my role as a fire Marshal and how to safely attempt to put out a fire, along with knowledge of the correct equipment and checks to make".


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Learning provider:


This course is administered by People Development; please e-mail for any queries.

This course occurs on the following dates
12/09/2022 Delivered Virtually 10:00 12:00 Helen Asher 0
10/10/2022 Delivered Virtually 10:00 12:00 Helen Asher 9
07/11/2022 Delivered Virtually 10:00 12:00 Helen Asher 8
12/12/2022 Delivered Virtually 10:00 12:00 Helen Asher 9

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