Cancellation policy

To ensure that we are delivering a cost-effective service to the University, we require a minimum number of people for each course and so we ask you to only book on a session when you know you will be able to attend.

With a limited number of places on all our courses and many of them over-subscribed, if you cancel at late notice or fail to attend, you could be taking the place of someone else who would have benefitted and we may not be able to find a replacement at short notice. So if, for whatever reason, you need to cancel your place, can we urge you to do so as soon as possible please.

From 1 August 2015 we have decided to no longer charge for late notice cancellation (less than two weeks’ notice) or non-attendance at courses. When you cancel your place via iTrent Self Service you will be asked for your reason and if you would like to be added to the waiting list for a future event. We will be monitoring the situation however and if we believe there is a pattern of persistent non-attendance/late cancellation, we will contact you and your manager.

Cancellation by People Development

Occasionally we may need to cancel or postpone sessions eg due to the illness of the presenter and we will not be able to give you much notice. We never like to cancel a session without good reason and we are sure that you will appreciate that running a session with a very low number is not beneficial to you or a good use of our presenters’ time. On these occasions we will inform all participants by e-mail at least 1 week prior to the running date.

If you have any queries, please contact the People Development Office.

Policy date: September 2015