Performance Development Review (PDR)

Information on the PDR for both PDR Reviewers and Reviewees.

PDR guidance and forms

Staff category


(Education and Research; Education and Scholarship)
Research Fellow job familyProfessional Services (centrally and Colleges)Professional Services - simplified form
(optional for grades B-C)
Timetable Commences in April Commences in June Commences in June Commences in June
Guidance This discussion form may be used by staff on grades B-C in place of the the full PDR form.

Academic PDR Forms (combined document)

Research Fellows PDR Form PDR form - Professional Services Simplified PDR Form - Professional Services

What is PDR?

The Performance Development Review (PDR) is an opportunity to:

  • Review the past year, identifying successes and problems
  • Plan for the future, taking into consideration the objectives of the College or Professional Service
  • Identify learning and development opportunities

Benefits of PDR for the individual:

  • A formal opportunity to review progress and plan for future activity and development
  • An exchange of experience and feedback at both personal and professional levels
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities
  • Opportunity to suggest improvements and changes
  • A formal record of experience and learning over time

Benefits of PDR for the College/Professional Service/team:

  • Improved communications
  • Identification and pursuit of common goals
  • Better planning for learning and development on an individual, College/Professional Service or University-wide basis

PDR Training for Reviewers

Depending upon the staff you are reviewing, you will need to undertake different training

Staff category

(Education and Research; Education and Scholarship; Research job family)

Research Fellow job family onlyProfessional Services (centrally and Colleges)
Training PDR and Coaching Skills for Academic Leads PDR training for Reviewers (Research Fellows) PDR training for Reviewers (Professional Services)