One to one support

Why we're not just about courses...

There is a widely accepted (but not empirically supported) view (Kajewski, 2012) that less than 20% of effective workplace learning is attributable to formal training events including online courses.

The majority of learning is thought to come from job-related and hands-on experience. This includes social learning, ie mentoring and coaching, both contracted and informal which can help people reflect upon and make sense of their role and the challenges they are facing. 

Here are some informal development opportunities already in place:

Gaining Feedback: 

To help you receive feedback as a manager/supervisor, you may be interested in our support for 360 reviews

Social learning:

  1. We have a good deal of information on mentoring and coaching;
  2. We are also planning on developing a number of networks or communities of practice.


Reference: Kajewski, K., Valerie, M. (2012) Demystifying 70:20:10. Deakin University White Paper.