Career development

Career development for you may mean getting another job, at a higher grade within or outside the University (the “promotion axis” of professional development).

Alternatively you might want to develop yourself within your existing role and grow your current responsibilities and activities, perhaps in preparation for future progression or simply to stretch yourself or make fuller use of your capabilities (the “staff development axis”). This might involve a sideways move in jobs, taking on new responsibilities, acting-up in a more senior role or secondments and job-shadowing.

Whatever you want to do in your career, it can be helpful to take time to reflect on what you want and what’s important to you.

Manager/supervisor's role:

It is the role of your manager/supervisor to help you develop by acquiring skills and knowledge for your job role. This will take place in regular one to one meetings; during induction/probation periods and the annual Performance and Development Review (PDR). 


If you need help in addition to your manager's support, you can email

Careers in the Professional Homes

We are also devising Career Development Frameworks for our different Professions.

Moving between careers/professions/occupations

Our new Professional frameworks will contain common learning modules that can give learners an idea of where they are in relation to all the other learning modules for any Profession. For example someone who is proficient at a certain grade in the common modules will be able to read across any other Profession framework and see what other capabilities they will need to develop or possess in that Profession at the same level. Likewise they can see all the transferable skills they already have.

Career management toolkit

To help with your career planning and management we have compiled a few key resources on LearnSmart


Aurora is for women up to senior lecturer level or professional services equivalent (up to Grade G) who wish to develop their leadership skills and who are interested in exploring leadership and management as an element of career progression. While most leadership programmes are aimed at leaders and managers already in role, Aurora is designed to engage with women at an earlier stage in their careers.

We hope the programme will enable women to think of themselves as future leaders; to influence their institutions and to develop leadership skills. Aurora provides a positive experience of leadership and encourages participants to recognise their talent and capabilities and ‘step-up’ to promoted posts.

The course takes place over five learning days at a number of locations in the UK and includes membership of an action learning set and access to an Exeter mentor.

More information is available on the Aurora webpage