Professional development frameworks


Working with staff in Professions and relevant professional bodies, we are creating a framework of learning and development opportunities structured around development modules. The development themes consist of those common to all Professions and those which are mapped from the requirements of jobs particular to each Profession.

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Professional Development Framework‌‌



Please leave your feedback on the Professional Development Framework.  The Framework is currently under edit and we are really keen to capture your ideas.

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People Development are conducting research and collecting feedback about the Professional Development Framework. As a participant, you will help us understand the views and needs for those using the online Professional Development Framework.

  • We are evaluating the website with the intention of analysing its usability, look and feel, and gathering your ideas on how we can improve the framework.
  • We are not in any way evaluating you.
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A ‘Professions Framework” designed to support new and existing staff, at all levels, identify suitable training/development opportunities, supporting progressive mastery in their role, and laying out a clear pathway of development for progression.

The framework signposts inductions, mandatory and essential to role training, transferable skills, and specialist skills aligned with professional career paths.

  • Governed: by People Development for continuity
  • Owned: by individual services to ensure the content is current and relevant
  • Grown: through consultation and review with the services.
  • How they function: Interactive PDF based, easy to use, “one stop shop” linked to all learning interventions we offer with scope to expand/update. A great resource for 1:1s and PDR discussions.


Moving between professions and occupations

The Professional framework has identified above contain common learning modules that can give learners an idea of where they are in relation to all the other learning modules for any Profession.  For example someone who is proficient at a certain grade in the common modules will be able to read across any other Profession framework and see what other capabilities they will need to develop or possess in that Profession at the same level.  Likewise they can see all the transferable skills they already have.