New Staff - Professional Services

Introduction to the University, College/Service, Workplace, Higher Education

Welcome to the University! We have collected together here some of the most important learning and development topics for new staff. Other information for new staff can be found on the University’s New staff pages.

Welcome to the University

If you have recently joined the University, you will be invited via email to our new welcome event. 

This event provides an overview of the University, its mission, vision and values, strategic direction, its history, governance structure and key aspects you need to know about working here. You will hear from a member of the Vice-Chancellor's Executive Group, have a chance to find out about a wide range of serivces and support during a "cafe style" session and will be able to network with colleagues.

Workplace Induction

Induction is an essential process for all the staff within the University. The purpose of this workplace Induction is to make your transition into your new role as smooth as possible. You will also have a local induction supported by an allocated Induction Facilitator who will work alongside your Line Manager to induct you into your area of work.

Comprehensive information is also provided for new staff on the University Induction webpages

Introduction to Higher Education - today's universities; tomorrow's issues

This course is relevant to colleagues new to the sector and those who would like an update on the most pertinent topics in Higher Education and specifically for: Professional staff (Grades E and above); New International Academic Staff; New Academic Staff who have come from outside HE, for example, from Industry.

The session will examine the most pertinent topics in Higher Education. We explain how we arrived where we are today and what universities do (teaching, research, enterprise) and how they are funded. We offer insight into how universities are responding to government policy, demographic shifts and the international picture. The session will combine short talks from visitors who are experts in their field, with interactive discussions.

This session takes place on the Streatham campus and s streamed live to colleagues at Penryn.

Book a place at the Streatham or Penryn venues.

New Managers/Supervisors

Learning and development

If you are either a new member of staff in a leader/manager/supervisor role or alternatively an existing member of staff who has just moved into one of these roles, you may be interested in our Management Know-How training courses or maybe consider undertaking a structured programme of development either towards a leadership and management with qualification or without a qualification.

Useful information

There is some really helpful information and guidance on our webpages for Managers, Supervisors and team leaders.

Training you have to do

All staff must undertake some mandatory training when they join. There may also be some training you will have to undertake depending on your role which you will be advised of during your induction.

Internal Communications

The university has a number of different ways of keeping you up to date including the Team Brief and the Weekly Bulletin. Full details of these and more can be found on our staff news webpages.  

Transformation of Professional Services

The University has been underoing a major transfomation of its Professional Services. Staff new to Professional Services will find information about the organisation of the University of use.

Professional Services is currently undergoing Transformation, a long-term programme of change made up of a number of projects which are designed to help the University become more efficient, improve revenue and enable transformation.

The Transformation web pages include a useful insight into Professional Services’ structure along with other key information about the drive towards a new way of working.