Health, Safety and Environment

Health and Safety remains an important topic whether working at the University or from home.  A majority of the courses listed require face-to-face interaction; however, advice and guidance can still be given by the Health and Safety team wherever required. If you have queries about any area of Health and Safety training please contact the Health & Safety team.

Please also refer to the Homeworking DSE page which provides updated Health and Safety information.

Fire Safety courses

On-demand training

If you or your team would like training in any of the topics below please contact the person concerned and they will arrange to deliver the training for you.

Evacuation Chair Contact to arrange training.
Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Contact Health & Safety team to arrange training

Laser Safety Awareness
Chemical Deliveries Training

Principles of Ionising Radiation Protection

Hydrofluoric Acid Awareness Training

Radiation Protection Supervisor Training

Radiation Protection Supervisor Refresher Training

Campus Services specific courses

Campus Services specific courses can be found here.

First Aid Training

Requests from staff to become First Aiders and attend the ‘First Aid at Work’ training course should be made directly to (monitored by the Health & Safety Team), and have the approval of their line manager.