You eDevelop

Need information now: Stuck on strategy? Can't find notes about negotiating? Confused about conflict? and more!

Check out our resource centre You eDevelop which contains thousands of bite-size articles, checklists, presentations, audio and video clips, elearning materials, exercises and links to further reading on a huge range of topics from managing your career to motivating others.

How do I access You eDevelop?

Log in to You eDevelop.

To gain entry, enter your University username and password when prompted. You will be directed straight to the You eDevelop welcome page (if you are asked to login again your link is probably not working properly, see below).

Help! I can't get in!

The most frequently encountered problems

When I click on the link I am asked to login but my username and password don't work.
You are probably not spelling your username and/or password correctly. Make sure you use the username and password that you usually use to access your email or sign on to other University services.

My username and password are accepted by the University Single Sign-on screen but then I am asked to login again on a white screen and this doesn't recognise me.
There are known problems with some people using Internet Explorer to access You eDevelop. You will need to try another web browser such as Firefox. If this problem persists or you need further help please contact Staff Learning and Development

I login OK but the screen is a bit odd and text seems to wraparound onto lines that don't exist.
If you have the text size set above "medium" in your web browser (under View, Text Size) the You eDevelop screen can look a bit odd with text falling outside of boxes and so forth. Reset your text size to "smaller".