Past projects

For details of recent projects that have been completed or are in the implementation phase, please see the table below (listed in alphabetical order). Please click on the title for further information, or navigate to a particular project using the left hand menu bar.

Title Summary  Timescales
Bursaries and Scholarships A review of the consistency, efficiency and clarity of information and processes relating to Bursaries and Scholarships. Oct 07 - Feb 08
Business Intelligence To collect, integrate, analyse and present business information to support better business decision making. Aug 08 - Aug 12
CLES Intranet Project To implement a staff & PGR student intranet to amalgamate some information held on shared drive & existing disciplines, & provide a single point of information for College staff & PGR students. Apr 11 - Sept 11
Common Action Teams (CATS) Further to the transition from 13 Schools to 5 Colleges the CATs were created to integrate College and Central Professional Services staff to develop seamless services across the University. The Change Team was involved in the transition to Colleges work and has helped to establish and run the CATs. The Change Team may also be involved in any projects that may come out of the CAT meetings.  July 10 - July 11
Concept Process Mapping (Purchase-to-Pay) A review to provide base information about current processes in order to identify opportunities for better ways of working in the short term. May 09 - July 09
E-assessment This project was established to develop the functional specification for E-assessment and carry out a comparative analysis of the SITS and ELE options. March 10 - April 10
EDM Corporate Services Pilot A pilot project carried out within Corporate Services for the electronic document management of supplier invoices. March 10 - Aug 10
Enterprise Web Room Bookings A project to consider the purchase and implementation of the web room bookings system from Scientia, to replace the in-house ad hoc room bookings pages. April 09 - Jan 10
EPOS To replace all stand alone cash registers with a campus wide Electronic Point of Sale system  Aug 2010 - July 2012
Exeter Learning Environment (ELE) This is a one year project to implement a new Exeter Learning Environment (ELE) for the University, including the migration of all online courses from WebCT to the new system by September 2010 Sept 09 - Oct 10
 FM System A project to procure and implement and single facilities management system that supports the business activities of both Campus Servives and Estates Development Services.  Jan 2010- March 2012
Facilitating Student Modularity A review to examine facilitating student modularity and to understand any inhibitors to students who identify modules outside their School which would enhance their employability or encourage their retention. May 2008 - Aug 2008
GL Re-design The replacement of the previous General Ledger (GL) with four new ledgers and a new coding structure. May 08 - April 10
Grand Challenges A programme designed to provide all first year students with an exciting eduactional and social experience at the end of the academic year.  June 12 - July 13
In-Tend The introduction of software to allow selected University departments to manage their invitations to tender (ITT), requests for quotation (RFQ), e-auctions and contracts in a clearer and simpler way. July 2009 - Oct 2010
IT Desktop Support To make recommendations for the provision of desktop support across the University to realise the benefits of centralisation. Feb 10 - Jun 10

Invoice Process Automation

This project will implement a new centralise approach to invoive processing. Jan 12 - Dec 12
Module Selection and Enrolment The provision of an online facility where students are able to select and provisionally enrol on their non-compulsory modules. Dec 08 - Nov 09
 My PGR To provide an online facility for the tracking of postgraduate research student progress. Sept 09 - July 12
Network Upgrade (link to archive project pages prior to management passing to ICSD) A major three-year project to carry out a complete upgrade to the University's wired and wireless, data and telephony network, in order to meet the needs of the users over the next decade. Jan 08 - Jan 10
Parking Permit Process Review To inform the University the direction that should be taken to deliver its parking permit service. Feb 10 - June 10
Postgraduate (PG) Applicant portal A project to develop and implement an applicant portal to provide the means for postgraduates to access systems and information to support their application process in a secure environment. April  08 - Oct 10 
Postgraduate Customer Relationship Management A review to identify whether it is possible to improve the way in which the University handles its communications with prospective postgraduate taught students, by auditing communications across the student journey. Mar 09 - Nov 09
Registry Reviews To review the current activities and advise areas with scope for systemisation or process review. Sept 09 - Aug 10
Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults A project to review policies and procedures that the University has in place in light of the new regulations relating to the new CRB checks, and recommend action. Feb 09 - Mar 10
Scientia SPDA and Student Timetables A project to implement an improvement for the student experience for students based on the Cornwall campus by providing individual timetables to each student via the My Exeter Portal. Feb 11 - Sept 11
SITS Technical Project: Admissions A 6 month project to improve the turnaround time for Postgraduate Taught applications using existing systems. Aug 09 - Jul 10
Student Information Desk in Colleges Continuing from the successful launch of the Student Information Desk (SID) in the Forum Student Services Centre we are now looking to deliver the system behind it, SID online, to our Colleges to help manage College enquiries, enable more seamless enquiry management from a student's perspective and keep personal tutor notes. Aug 12 - Jul 13
SITS Technical Project: Fees A 12 month project to investigate and develop technical solutions using existing SITS software to improve current business processes within Finance. Jun 08 - Sept 09
SITS Technical Project: PBIS A project to implement new legislation from the Home Office around immigration of students (Points Based Immigration System: Tier 4). The project focuses on the implementation of the SITS PBIS module, plus related technical interfaces and other SITS modules involved.  May 09 - Feb 10
UKBA PBS Tier 4 Attendance Monitoring To provide a model for visual checking activity and associated system, organisation and resource implications, responsibilities and any risks and ensuring revisions of policy processes and  procedure documents to reflect agreed changes. Aug 11 - Dec 12
Workload Planner To roll out a University wide system to increase the availability and consistency of workload data for academics.  Feb 2011 - April 2012

The following projects were completed by the Change Team prior to November 2009. They are listed in date order, with the most recent at the top of the table.

Title Summary  Timescales
Baring Court Room 114 Refurbishment Project to refurbish the lecture theatre BC114 in Baring Court on the St Lukes Campus. April 09 - Oct 09
INTO SITS/Exeter SITS Interface The procurement, test and installation of two modules that will allow data transfer between the SITS system used by INTO and that which is used by the University. Feb 09 - Oct 09
Aptos Internal Trading  Project to implemement new features of the Aptos Web Services (used for external purchasing) to automate this process. Jan 09 - June 09
St Lukes Library Refurbishment A refurbishment project of the Haighton building to move the entrance/exit, update the decor, create additional group and silent working space and create office spaces for Academic Services staff. Nov 08 - Feb 10
PC Procurement Review  A review to gather sufficient information about current PC purchasing methods to allow an informed recommendation to be made about future University PC procurement. Oct 08 - Jan 09
Creating Heritage Artefacts for Research and Teaching in E-Repository (CHARTER) A matched funded JISC project to digitise 2000 artefacts from the Special Collection of the Old Library, import 2000 images held on the EVE database and create an E-Learning module. July 08 - Sept 09
Post Award Research Management & Analysis (PARMA) A new system to address the post award monitoring processes carried out in both Finance Services and Schools. The new system will pull together data from Aptos and the new research database to provide a web-based intuitive system for managing research projects data. June 08 - on hold
Alumni Lifecycle Review A review of the Alumni lifecycle with recommended changes. June 08 - Sep 08
Alumni Community A project to implement a community approach more focused on providing services and applications, allowing Alumni to interact with each other and existing students in support of their career aspirations. April 08 - Sep 09
B&E Systems Review A review of the existing systems used in Buildings and Estates in preparation for money planned in the Infrastructure Strategy for 2010/11. May 08 - Nov 08
Portal Project (2) Launch of the Staff Portal followed by the second release of the Student portal. Jan 08 - Sep 08
Projects and Contacts (PAC) system The overall objective is to replace the current RAG and XChange systems to provide a comprehensive system for storing and managing contacts, projects and activities across the University. Nov 07 - Sept 09
Web Content Management System A project to select and implement a Web Content Management System (WCMS) for use across the University. Sep 2007 - Dec 08
eProcurement The Parabilis e-procurement system is a combination of new Aptos modules and access to an electronic marketplace. May 07 - Jan 09
Library Development Project Library improvements centred on the working environment, greater provision of core texts, more self-service points (as well as staffed service), extended opening hours and improved enquiry handling procedures. June 07 - Sept 07
TAS Project to replace a manually-intensive data collection system with a technology driven alternative. May 07 - May 08
Student Help A project carried out to identify recommendations for improvements to personal tutor support. April 07 - Sept 07
Workload Models Task & Finish Group Investigation of the potential for further development of workload models within Schools and recommendations about how workload models should be progressed. March 07 - Feb 08
Work Placements Work placements are a form of direct work experience, which help students to develop the specific skills, knowledge and vocabulary for the job market and give students a competitive advantage when applying for jobs. This process review has been established to make recommendations for action.  March 07 - July 07
Careers and Employment The Student Lifecycle Review (January 2006) identified some concerns relating to the Careers and Employment process. This process review has been established to make recommendations for action. March 07 - June 07
Family Centre Review Review looking at making recommendations for viable Family Centre provision at the University of Exeter Feb 07 - July 07
Electronic Document Management SUMS had been asked to determine the University’s core requirements for storing, retrieving and publishing electronic documents, to assess the functionality of existing systems in relation to these requirements, and to propose options for further development of electronic document management (EDM) systems. Jan 07 - April 07
InfoED Providing project management support in evaluation of the InfoED Research Project Management software modules. Jan 07 - Dec 07
HR Replacement System A three year project to replace the Personnel and Payroll system July 06 - July 09
International Student Experience A review established to examine all the processes involved and to make recommendations for changes and improvements. Nov 06 - Feb 07
Research Support Lifecycle To review internal perceptions of the importance and quality of support across the research lifecycle. The review covered the whole research lifecycle, including both the University's overall provision of support for research and the support of individual research contracts.  Nov 06 - Jan 07
IPP On Line PG Applications Improving services to the prospective student via the web and providing more management information to the student on the conversion from enquirer through to application. Oct 06 - April 07
Residential Accommodation Support This review identified a number of issues relating to the residential accommodation support process and made recommendations for change. Oct 06 - Jan 07
Personal Tutor Support This process review considered personal tutor support for undergraduate students and covered all elements of the personal tutor system including how students became aware of their 'entitlement' and responsibilities, how students engaged with their tutor, and how the delivery of the support was managed. Sept 06 - Jan 07
ePAMS A project to implement new software to facilitate students access to the student accommodation application and contracts process. Jun 06 - Oct 07
Content Management of Module Templates Implementation of a single University-wide system for the storage of module information. June 06 - Dec 06
Internal Trading Consideration of the processes and procedures involved in Internal Trading within the University. May 06- Jan 07
WinDiP Upgrade Roll-out of the document management system for student files. May 06 - Dec 06
Service Level Statements Construction and development of Professional Services’ Service Level Statements (SLSs) for Academic Schools. Feb 06 - Nov 06
Disaster Recovery A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to address the risks posed by a disaster, to minimize their impact and achieve a number of benefits. These included continuing or resuming operations more quickly after a disaster and reducing insurance costs. Jan 06 - July 06
ePDP A project looking at improving services to students via the web and providing more structured information for tutorials. Jan 06 - Oct 07
Student Lifecycle Review Project looking at the student journey or lifecycle, including a survey of UG students, followed by a series of focus group meetings which looked across the whole UG student lifecycle. Nov 05 - Feb 06
Cornwall Student Lifecycle Review The undergraduate Student Experience and Lifecycle Survey for Cornwall, was run in conjunction with University College Falmouth and Tremough Campus Services (TCS). It examined various 'touchpoints' within the student journey or lifecycle, i.e. the points at which the student interacts with the University, and asked students about their satisfaction with these processes or activities. Nov 05 - Jan 06
Information Security Project To develop and implement a University wide Information Security Policy, as stated in the University IT Strategy 2004-9, leading to BS7799 compliance. Aug 05 - Dec 06
Facilities Management Requested by Hospitality Services to consider their portering and cleaning operation following a study by SUMS. May 05 - July 08
PAMS in Cornwall Extending the use of the existing Exeter accommodation system to manage the accommodation by Tremough Campus Services for students of University College Falmouth and the University of Exeter, studying at Tremough. Jan 05 - Jan 06
eVision Student Improvement of the administrative services to students, making them available online. Jan 05 - Dec 05
Vacation Accommodation A consultancy role in the decision process for the management of vacation accommodation. Jan 05 - Feb 05
eCommerce A project to deliver a number of on-line payment services: print credits, tuition and accommodation fees, graduation services, a school conference facility, ResNet payment facility and donations. Aug 03 - May 07
Portal Project - Student & Staff Portal A project spanning several years with its key strategic objective to improve services for students and staff (see Portal Project (2) Jan 08 - Sept 08) Aug 03 - Dec 07