Project dates March 2010 - April 2010
 Project manager Chris Austin (C.E.Austin@exeter.ac.uk) ext 5392
 Project status Completed

Project aims and objectives

The SUMS report on E-assessment (April 2009) 'reviewed the coursework submission and assessment management processes and outlined the case for online electronic processes and the potential use of available software packages'.  It recommended that SITS would form the platform for a longer term end-to-end solution and should be the focus of University resources.  Tribal does not have the capacity to start the SITS development work until September 2010 and it is felt that something needs to be in place for September 2010.  Moodle (ELE) is available, was not looked at in the original SUMS report and therefore needs to be evaluated to see if it is a viable alternative and able to meet the September 2010 deadline for launch.

This project was established to develop the functional specification for E-assessment and carry out a comparative analysis of the SITS and ELE options.

Key documents

Project Proposal
Final Report - 21 April 2010

Latest news

The report has now been discussed with the sponsor and the next steps incorporated in the final version of the report.  This was presented to Learning and Teaching Committee on 17 May 2010 and it was noted that a pilot would be rolled out in 2010/11 as part of the College Change Management Programme.