Electronic Document Management - Corporate Services Pilot

Project Board

The Project Board will make decisions which may involve change of scope, budget or timescales for the project. Standard agenda items for Project Board meetings are:

  • Minutes from previous meetings
  • Risk/Issues/Actions Log
  • Communications Plan
  • Project Managers Report

To contact the Project Board email:

Project Board members

 Member  Job title or representative  Position on Board
 Barry Clark  Business Services Manager  Chair
 Jenny Houghton  Residence Manager  Member
 Phil Rees Jones  Assistant Director Catering  Member
 Phil Attwell  Director of Sport  Member
 Paul Lightowlers  Head of Corporate Systems  Member
 Caroline Dominey Records Manager Member
 Dick Leitch  Senior Project Manager, Biss  Project Manager


Project Team

The Project Team will monitor the project, meeting regularly to review progress and agree actions and refer issues involving change of scope, budget or timescales to the sponsor and/or Project Board as appropriate. Standard agenda items could include the Action List and Project Status Report.

Project Team members

 Member  Job title or representative  Position on Team
 Martin Henson  Finance & Systems  Team Leader
 Gill Pearn Payments Supervisor, Finance Services Member
 Pauline Llewellyn  Finance & Systems  Member
 Nadia Samara  Sports  Member
 Alexia Chilvers  Residences  Member
 Dick Leitch  Senior Project Manager, BISS Project Manager


Workstream - Procurement

The main workstream for the pilot will be the implementation managed and conducted by the Project Team. However, the pilot requires a tender process to procure the system and this is being managed as a separate workstream.

Workstream members

 Number Description  Member  Job title  Role 
 1  Procurement  Dick Leitch  Senior Project Manager  Workstream Manager
      2    Peter Fletcher  Contracts Officer, Procurement  Procurement Advisor