Electronic Document Management - Corporate Services Pilot

Project details

Each financial year, some 75,000 supplier invoices are processed through Aptos. Statutory law requires that these must be retained for a minimum of six years and they are subject to inspection at any time during that period as part of a VAT inspection, an internal audit or an external audit. Of the total invoices, Corporate Services process more than 30,000 per annum across a wide spectrum of activities and sites, requiring extensive movement of paper across both Exeter campuses.

The primary objectives are as follows:

  1. To implement online, electronic distribution and authorisation of invoices, removing the need for the physical movement of paper;
  2. To minimise the data entry required in the processing of supplier invoices in Aptos, releasing staff for more value-added tasks;
  3. To reduce the storage requirements for paper records, releasing space for other uses;
  4. To minimise the need for photocopying invoices, instead making scanned images available for virtually instant access.

Project planning commenced in March 2010 and the pilot is expected to be completed in December 2010.