Enterprise Web Room Bookings

 Project dates  April 2009 - January 2010
 Project manager  David Carpenter-Clawson (D.Carpenter-Clawson@exeter.ac.uk) ext 5396
 Project status  Completed

Project aims and objectives

The current room bookings system is based on a set of web pages and underlying functionality that was developed in-house some years ago. It is now recognised that the current system requires either redevelopment or replacement. Enterprise Web Room bookings, a commercial offering from Scientia, offers increased functionality and closer integration with the timetabling system.

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Key documents

Project Proposal
WRBPB1004 Post Project Evaluation Report
WRBPB1005 Support Strategy

Latest news

The new Web Room Bookings system successfully went live as of 10:00 am 13th January 2010