Enterprise Web Room Bookings

Project details

The current room bookings system is based on a set of web pages and underlying functionality that was developed in-house some years ago. it is now recognised that the current system requires either redevelopment or replacement.

Enterprise Web Room Bookings, a commercial offering from Scientia, offers increased functionality, closer integration with the timetabling system and the institutional portal, and it may also reduce the need for back office involvement as more direct "booking" rather than "requesting" may be possible. It would also address the new requirement of a system to handle the booking of group study rooms within the libraries by students.

Functionality includes:

  • "my bookings" page
  • cancellation of redundant bookings
  • separate student and staff views
  • ability to authorise what users can see and do
  • self-serve option

In consulting with stakeholders various suggestions were tabled for improving the current systems. For example, by providing automated links into "Kinetic", the HS conference system to deal with catering requests, or automated links into "Supportworks" to deal with AV support requests. Whilst there are obvious merits for developing such interfaces the proposed project will only focus on delivering the same functionality as provided by the existing web pages. This will be provided to the same users with the same rooms as available within the current online booking facility.

It is anticipated that once the system has been launched, then the development of new functionality could be considered.