EPOS System


 Project dates August 2010 - July 2012
 Project manager  Debbie Collins (D.C.Collins@exeter.ac.uk) ext 6236  
 Project status Handed over to Campus Services for completion

Project aims and objectives

To replace all stand alone cash registers, with a campus wide Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) system. The implementation of an EPOS system will improve the administration of student catering and retail services. This will result in improved services to the students, staff and visitors on campus, better management information and processes and increased profitability. The system will encompass a wide range of Campus Services retail shops, catering and bars, offering a merchandise and financial overview of the business at the touch of a button. It will cover 33 tills in 20 locations across Streatham and St Luke’s campuses and St David’s. This will reflect best practice in the industry and HE.

This project will be rolled out in 4 phases:

  • Phase I: The installation of the Epos system, creation of the data files, staff training and implementation for catering, bars and conference tills
  • Phase II: The creation of the data files and stock control for retail tills
  • Phase III: The introduction of recipe management
  • Phase IV: The introduction of an interface to Aptos

Key documents

EPOS proposal document 

Latest news - July

Phase III: The recipe management pilot is complete and a review document is going to the project board for discussion today (04/07/2012)

We are still working with the supplier MCR to determine how we are going to interface between Epos to Aptos.

A project handover report is also going to the Project Board for discussion today (04/07/2012) in advance of the handover of the Project to Rob O'Connell, the Epos Administrator who is going to be acting as the Project Manager to complete the roll out of this project.