FM System


 Project dates  January 2010 - March 2012
 Project manager  Ray Spicer ( ext 6328
 Project status  In progress, on schedule 


Project aims and objectives

The purpose of this project is to procure and implement a single Facilities Management (FM) system that supports the business activities of both Campus Services (‘CaS’) and Estate Development Services (‘EDS’).

A single shared system is sought rather than a mix of stand-alone systems that might be available for individual departmental functions within CS as there is a strong desire not to implement a number of small and discrete packages.

Both CaS and EDS are looking to significantly improve their business performance and the procurement of a single integrated FM system would provide them with the most economic way of adopting the different parts of a new FM system and they will each need to support this aim.

• Campus Services (‘CaS’) seek to improve the customer handling, work planning, tracking and delivery of maintenance and other customer-facing support services. Their Property Services division handles c. 30,000 jobs pa in reaction to customer calls and for planned preventative and improvement work valued in total at c. £7m pa. They are working on a wide programme of changes in order to improve efficiency. Their colleagues in the recently established Customer Services division need to abandon legacy paper-driven processes and systems in order to focus far more intensively on being customer-driven, and to remove duplication and bureaucracy.

• Estate Development Services (‘EDS’) are managing the major Infrastructure Development programme and other vital works valued at c. £40m pa. This division is also responsible for maintaining detailed space data and holds professional stewardship responsibility for key University infrastructure services. 

The activities of both services are key to the ambitions of the University, and link directly to the delivery of the ‘Top 10’ agenda. Monitoring by the services of their KPI’s has shown major unresolved risks in the areas of systems and processes. Neither service presently has a support structure that is fit for purpose.

The implementation of the FM system would also bring benefits to the wider community e.g. by providing access to space drawings so improving space planning for schools and colleges and better information for visitors.  


Project Board members

 MemberJob title or representative Position on Board 
Hugh McGann
and Geoff Pringle
Director of Estate Developments
Director of Campus Services 
Joint Chair
Barry Clark  Business Service Manager Member
Tricia Punchard Ass Director Residential Services  Member
Paul Lightowlers Head of Corporate Systems  Member
Alan Binge Finance Manager  College representative
Ray Spicer Strategic Planning and Change   Project Manager 

Project Team members

 MemberJob title or representative Position on Team 
Ray Spicer Project Manager, Strategic Planning & Change  Chair 
James Bingham Systems Support & Development Officer  Member 
Dave Beavis Space Manager Member 
Frances Vowles Deputy Director Buildings & Projects  Member 
Amy Jackson Works & Compliance Administrator Member 
David Nairn Property Service Manager  Member 
Nancy Smith Customer Services Manager Member 
Jane McCartney Management Accountant Member 

Key documents

FM System Proposal Document
PQQ FM System

Latest news

The next stage of the project is to engage with Planon in the detailed planning of the implementation of the system.