Aptos GL Re-design


 Project dates  May 2008 - April 2010
 Project manager  Dick Leitch (r.j.leitch@ex.ac.uk) ext 5397
 Project status  Completed


Project aims and objectives

The previous General Ledger (GL) was replaced by four new ledgers:

GM (Main Ledger)
GR (Research Ledger)
GT (Campus Services Trading Ledger)
GP (PCMD ledger)

The code structure in each ledger shares the same five mandatory segments but the optional segments reflect the analysis required in each area of the University's operations. The re-design was completed and the new ledgers went live at the beginning of the 2009/10 financial year. The final phase of the project is now underway. This sees the implementation of a new range of reporting tools:

- EAS II - a new and improved version of the ad hoc query tool which has been in use since Aptos was implemented
- Client-side Reporting (CSR) - a sophisticated reporting tool which uses EAS data to create formatted reports
- MID3 - a management information dashboard that provides multi-dimensional data displays, charts & graphs.

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Latest news

CSR - the installation of CSR on user's PCs is currently underway. A small library of the most important reports has been prepared for use.
MID 3 - training has been arranged for the specialist reporting team in January 2010, following which MID3 reports will be created.