In-Tend e-Sourcing Management System

Project details

The In-Tend web based systems are designed for our procurement community to deliver excellence in class. They will enable Buyers and Procurement Services to meet the demands made upon them throughout their function. The system will manage the conception of the demand for a product or service through to managing the contract during its live status and on to the end of its life.

The In-Tend e-Sourcing Management System comprises the following modules:


• Total visibility of all tenders and relevant information (subject to rights and permissions) giving greater management control
• Easy to use Quick Quote and Mini Competition templates to capture all devolved purchasing activity thereby reducing risk
• Shortened EU timetable
• ‘One Click’ Publishing to web site/s and OJEU
• Correspondence Wizard quickly distributes information to Tenderers – incoming correspondence can be quickly replied to, either to just the sender or to all tenderers. Each piece of correspondence is linked in a tree view so that you can see at a glance and interrogate the thread of questions and answers
• Document Wizard ensures the correct documents are used – this feature is across all modules
• Suppliers responsible for keeping pre qualification information up to date
• Standard Text feature saves imputing time – this feature across all modules
• Automatic assessment through XML questionnaires and score sheets. Questionnaires can be split into sections with weighted scoring and access to these sections can be restricted to certain members of the evaluation team
• Save time handling large numbers of Expressions of Interest
• Actions can be placed on staff and monitored through the system
• History function provides management information and ease of reference audit trail
• Audit functions tracks suppliers use of the web site
• Improved continuity when staff are absent
• Remote access for all levels of management
• System mirrors formal opening procedures and speeds up the recording of bids
• Facilitates collaboration with other Stakeholders

Quick Quotes – Mini Competitions

Within the E-Tendering module all tenders can be captured from full OJEU tenders to mini tenders and simple quotes giving visibility to all purchasing within the organisation. This new In-Tend Release automates the process of creating quotes and mini tenders through the use of our Template Wizard Technology. Personnel with no experience of using the In-Tend system are given access to our on line training Videos and within a matter of minutes are able to use the system to conduct Quoting and Mini Competition exercises.

Features of the In-Tend Quick Quotes

• Quotes can be Open or Closed exercises
• Automatic Assessment routines
• Quotes are viewed on line with price comparison reports
• Correspond securely with your suppliers
• Full Audit Trail

Features of the In-Tend Mini Competitions

• Suppliers chosen from Approved lists or framework agreements
• Tenders can be locked away in a secure vault
• Automatic Assessment routines
• Correspond securely with your suppliers
• Full Audit Trial

 Contract Management

• Total visibility of all contract information across the organisation.
• Contract information fields and documents can be given restricted access
• Fully integrated into the Tendering Module – all relevant information at your finger tips
• Define your own contract fields of information – no limit to the amount of information recorded
• Set up Contract Templates -  for consistency of information
• Email prompts for contract renewals – user defined reminders periods no straying into contract notice periods with subsequent financial penalties
• Email reminders for document expiry dates – contract managers and suppliers are prompted to maintain their contract information
• XML questionnaires to track KPI’s with score sheets – valuable information at review meetings
• Schedule of reminders can be set up for KPI Questionnaires to cover the review period
• Action functionality – prompts for all contract milestones
• Secure storage for all contract documents – holds all document revisions
• Correspondence Wizard tracks and links all related contract correspondence
• Suppliers, if desired, can express interest from the contract register saving time managing supplier requests for tendering opportunities.
• Publish contract information onto the web portal – all FOI request can be directed to the web site
• Expression of Interest from the Contract Register – cuts out supplier phone calls and the need to keep records for potential tenderers

Active Bidding (e Auction)

• Auto set up provides Active Bidding Stage Defaults
• Forward and Reverse Auctions can be run*
• 4 types of events can be run – controls what information is given to the bidders
• Define the bidding range
• Set the maximum and minimum bid adjustment
• Auction extension to stop late bids winning the event
• Bid summary report graphing the bid event

* Forward auctions can be used to sell off obsolete equipment putting money back into the organisations budget

Web Portal

The web portal is branded to the organisations own corporate identification and has a public area for advertising contracts and tenders and a private area where suppliers gain access through a registration process to view tender documents.

There are a number of benefits for suppliers which include;

• No cost to participate
• Reduction in Postage/Paper Costs
• Various ways to return documents
• Confidence that the documents have been received
• More time to complete the bid documents
• All returns and communications can be conducted through the In-Tend e-tendering portal
• Data security
• Web site is continuously updated with the progress of suppliers Tender
• Suppliers can maintain their pre-qualification information stopping the repetitive completion of pre qualification questionnaires
• Up to date information on business opportunities
• Ease of use