In-Tend e-Sourcing Management System

Meetings and papers

Meeting dates of the next or most recent meetings are shown in the table below. Further details can be obtained by contacting the Project Manager

Group  Meeting date 
Project Board  29th September 2010
Project Board  31st March 2010
Project Board  2nd December 2009
Project Team  10th November 2009

Project Board meetings and papers

Date of meeting  Paper 
29th September 2010 Agenda 290910
End of Project Report
Minutes 290910
31st March 2010 Agenda 310310
Update report 310310
PB Minutes 310310
13th January 2010  Progress Report 13/01/10
2nd December 2009  Agenda_02122009 
 Minutes 02122009
21st October 2009  Agenda_21102009
11th September 2009  Agenda 110909
 Update report 11092009 
 Change request 001 
 PB Minutes 110909

Project Team meetings and papers

Date of meeting  Paper 
 17th August 2009  Issues_List_190809
 Issues Response_170809
 22nd July 2009  Minutes_220709