Network Upgrade Project

Please note that due to the retirement of the Project Manager, John Carroll, on 7th January 2010, this project is no longer managed through the Projects Team and these pages will not receive any further updates. For information on the project after this date, please contact:

Network Upgrade: Roger Snelling (Head of Networks)
Building Cabling & Enabling: Bernard Ireson (EDS)

Project dates January 2008 to December 2010
Project manager See above
Project status Management passed to ICSD

Project aims and objectives

The University’s IT and telephone networks are getting old, running slowly and will reach the end of their working life within the next few years. The current system has been built up in a piecemeal fashion and there are regular ‘single points of failure’ across the campus. This project was initiated to upgrade the network and greatly improve the wired/wireless data and telephony networks.

An additional key aspect of the project is that the new network will be a great enabler for future technology and systems, although these are outside the scope of the upgrade project.

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Key documents

Project Proposal NUP Project Proposal
Project Initiation Document Network Upgrade PID
Project Plan & Budget NUP Project Plan
Communications Plan NUP Communications Plan
Current Phase Plan NUP Phase 2 Implementation Plan