Network Upgrade Project

Please note that due to the retirement of the Project Manager, John Carroll, on 7th January 2010, this project is no longer managed through the Projects Team and these pages will not receive any further updates. For information on the project after this date, please contact:

Network Upgrade: Roger Snelling (Head of Networks)
Building Cabling & Enabling: Bernard Ireson (EDS)


Please find below an archive of older information about the project, including completed stages or papers from past meetings. For the action lists and schedules, the date of the meeting is shown in reverse order (YYMMDD) at the end of the document title.

Project Board Papers

NUPB 0927 Minutes of Meeting
NUPB 0926 Communications Plan
NUPB 0924 Sustainability
NUPB 0923 Budget Proposal
NUPB 0922 Project Update Report
NUPB 0921 Project Update Report

Action Lists

Since 09-Nov-2009 actions are combined with the three-week schedule and cabling & enabling reports (see below).

NUP Action List 091109
NUP Action List 091019
NUP Action List 091012
NUP Action List 090928
NUP Action List 090921 
NUP Action List 090901
NUP Action List 090824
NUP Action List 090817
NUP Action List 090810
NUP Action List 090729

Three Week Schedules

NUP 3 Week Schedule 091207
NUP 3 Week Schedule 091130
NUP 3 Week Schedule 091123
NUP 3 Week Schedule 091116
NUP 3 Week Schedule 091109
NUP 3 Week Schedule 091102
NUP 3 Week Schedule 091026
NUP 3 Week Schedule 091012
NUP 3 Week Schedule 090928
NUP 3 Week Schedule 090921
NUP 3 Week Schedule 090908
NUP 3 Week Schedule 090901
NUP 3 Week Schedule 090824
NUP 3 Week Schedule
NUP 3 Week Schedule

Cabling & Enabling

NUP Cabling and Enabling 091209
NUP Cabling and Enabling 091202
NUP Cabling and Enabling 091125
NUP Cabling and Enabling 091118
NUP Cabling and Enabling 091111
NUP Cabling and Enabling 091028
NUP Cabling and Enabling 091021
NUP Cabling and Enabling 091014
NUP Cabling and Enabling 090930
NUP Cabling and Enabling 090923
NUP Cabling and Enabling 090902
NUP Cabling and Enabling 090826
NUP Cabling and Enabling 090819
NUP Cabling and Enabling 090805