Network Upgrade Project

Please note that due to the retirement of the Project Manager, John Carroll, on 7th January 2010, this project is no longer managed through the Projects Team and these pages will not receive any further updates. For information on the project after this date, please contact:

Network Upgrade: Roger Snelling (Head of Networks)
Building Cabling & Enabling: Bernard Ireson (EDS)


Please find below some frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the project:

Most of the following questions have been raised regarding the new Nortel telephones:

Q: My new phone displays the time but it is about 5 minutes slow?

A: We are arranging to link the Nortel phone system to the central DNS server so it will always have the correct time. This should be fixed shortly.

Q: Why do some internal calls display the name of the caller and not others?

A: As we move internal phones over to the new Nortel system we will put the users names into the system. The old analogue and Mitel phones will not display names on the new Nortel phones until their users are converted. If you are on a new Nortel phone and your number doesn't display when you call people please notify the Help Desk.

Q: Why can’t I forward calls to my home number when I work from home?

A: If you need this facility it can be enabled, please contact the IT Help Desk on 01392 263934 (internal 3934) to arrange it.

Q: How can I divert calls direct to Voicemail when I have a meeting?

A: Press the "Fwd" soft key, followed by 3111 and press "Fwd" again and your calls will divert to Voicemail. Press the "Fwd" key again to cancel the divert

Q: Why do I sometimes need to log in again in the morning?

A: Following any loss of power to the phone (ie a powercut in a building), you need to log in on the telephone again. In some instances phones show a ‘DHCP error’ message following power loss.  In this event the phone needs to be unplugged from the network and plugged back in again. The phone will take a couple of minutes to re-boot following which you should then be able to log in again.

Q: Why doesn't the Message Waiting indicator light up?

A: This is because we have configured our phone system to send users an email message when they have a voicemail.  If you do not get an email when you receive a voicemail, please contact the IT Help Desk on 01392 263934 (internal 3934).

Have you got a question or would you like to know more about the project?

If you have any other questions regarding the project, or your group or department would like a presentation about the project and what it will mean for you, please email the project manager John Carroll or call him on 5597.