Network Upgrade Project

Please note that due to the retirement of the Project Manager, John Carroll, on 7th January 2010, this project is no longer managed through the Projects Team and these pages will not receive any further updates. For information on the project after this date, please contact:

Network Upgrade: Roger Snelling (Head of Networks)
Building Cabling & Enabling: Bernard Ireson (EDS)

Meetings and papers

Meeting dates of the next or most recent meetings are shown in the table below.

Group  Meeting date  Time  Location 
Project Board 26-Jan-2010 14:00  John Usher
Project Team TBA  
Cabling & Enabling TBA

Project Board meetings and papers

Date of meeting  Paper 
26-Jan-2010 NUPB 0941 Project Update Report    10 Nov 09 - 24 Dec 09
NUPB 0941a Project Update Report  24 Dec 09 - 15 Jan 10
NUPB 0942 Budget Reconciliation
NUPB 0943 End Project Report
NUPB 0944 Risks, Issues and Actions *
NUPB 0945 Communication Plan
NUPB 1001 Minutes of Meeting
17-Nov-2009 NUPB 0934 Project Update Report
NUPB 0935 Budget Reconciliation Report
NUPB 0936 Project Management Proposal
NUPB 0937 Statement on WiFi Safety
NUPB 0938 Risks, Issues & Actions *
NUPB 0939 Communication Plan
NUPB 0940 Minutes of Meeting
22-Sep-2009 NUPB 0928 Project Update Report
NUPB 0929 Project Update Report
NUPB 0930 Budget Reconciliation Report
NUPB 0931 Risks, Issues & Actions *
NUPB 0932 Communications Plan
NUPB 0933 Minutes of Meeting

* Risks, Issues and Actions are not placed on the web site at the request of the Project Board. For information please contact the project manager (see above).

Project Team meetings and papers

Date of meeting  Paper 
14-Dec-2009 NUP 3 Week Schedule 091214
23-Dec-2009 NUP Cabling and Enabling 091223

Papers from earlier meetings are available on the archive page.