Postgraduate Customer Relationship Management

 Project dates  March 2009 - November 2009
 Project manager  Chris Austin ( ext 5392
 Project status

Project aims and objectives

The aim of this research review is to identify whether it is possible to improve the way in which the University handles its communications with prospective postgraduate taught (PGT) students by auditing communications across the student journey.

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Key documents

Project Proposal
Review Guidelines
Communications Plan 25.08.09
Workplan 23/11/09
Final Draft of Report for discussion with Sponsor
Final Draft Report - Appendix D and E
Final Draft Report - Appendix F
Final Draft Report - Appendix G (Action Plan)
Final Report - March 2010
Appendix G (Action Plan) - March 2010

Latest news

The Final Report and Action Plan are available above.  The project is now completed but the Project Manager will continue to add new documents and updates on progress when contributions are received from the School Marketing Managers.