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Project Board

The Project Board will make decisions which may involve change of scope, budget or timescales for the project. Standard agenda items for Project Board meetings are:

  • Minutes from previous meetings
  • Risk/Issues/Actions Log
  • Communications Plan
  • Project Managers Report

Project Board members

 Member Job Title/Representative   Position on Board
 Nicola Sinclair School Marketing Manager  Chair
 Sally Rutterford Admissions  Member
 Robin Rhodes International Student Recruitment - Assistant Director Recruitment in Indian Subcontinent   Member
 Tracy Banks Head of Student Finance Operations (Treasury)  Member
 Helen Whyte Hall Accommodation Office Manager  Member
 Rebecca Hughes Postgraduate Marketing and Recruitment Officer  Member
 Rob Mitchell University Web Editor  Member
 Sue Milward Head of Integration and Web Services - Academic Services  Member
 TBA  School Representative
 David Carpenter- Clawson Project Manager, Strategic Planning and Change  Project Manager

Project Team

The Project Team will monitor the project, meeting regularly to review progress and agree actions and refer issues involving change of scope, budget or timescales to the sponsor and/or Project Board as appropriate. Standard agenda items could include the Action List and Project Status Report.

Project Team members

 Member Job Title   Position on Team
 David Carpenter-Clawson  Project Manager, Strategic Planning and Change  Chair
 Sally Rutterford  Admissions  Member
 Tom Bunting  Web Service Developer  Member
 Ian Lee  Web Service Developer  Member
 Sarah Williams  Web Marketing and Editorial Officer  Member