Postgraduate Applicant Portal

Meetings and papers

Meeting dates of the next or most recent meetings are shown in the table below. Further details of workstreams can be obtained by contacting the Project Manager David Carpenter-Clawson on ext 5396 (

 Group Meeting Date Time Location
Project Board Wednesday 20th October  14.00 Canceled 
Project Team Thursday 4th March  16.00 Amory A239C


Project Board Meetings and Papers

 Date of Meeting Paper
Wednesday 20th October 2010 Canceled
APPB1017 Minutes Project Board 100714
Wednesday 14th July 2010 APPB1013 Minutes Project Board 100517
APPB1014 Agenda 100717
APPB1015 PG Applicant portal - Project Update Report
APPB1016 Action Log
 Monday 17th May 2010 APPB1012 Minutes Project Board 100322
 Monday 22nd March 2010 APPB1006 Minutes Project Board 100119
APPB1007 Agenda 100322
APPB1008 PG Applicant Portal Options paper
APPB1009 Project Update Report
APPB1010 Action Log
APPB1011 Communications Plan
Tuesday 19th January 2010 APPB1001 Minutes Project Board 091219
APPB1002 Agenda 100119
APPB1003 Project Update Report
APPB1004 Action Log
APPB1005 Communications Plan
Wednesday 16th December 2009 APPB0930 Minutes Project Board 091116
APPB0931 Agenda 091216
APPB0932 Project Update Report
APPB0933 Action Log
APPB0934 Communications Plan
Monday 16th November 2009 APPB0923 Minutes for 01/09/09
APPB0924 Agenda 091110
APPB0925 Project Update Report
APPB0926 Action Log
APPB0927 Communications Plan
APPB0928 Change Request 091110
APPB0929 Applicant Portal Project Plan
 Monday 2nd November 2009 Meeting cancelled
 Tuesday 6th October 2009 Meeting cancelled
 Tuesday 1st September 2009 APPB0918 Minutes for 22/06/09
APPB0919 Agenda for 01/09/09
APPB0920 Project Managers report
APPB0921 Action Log
APPB0922 Communication Plan
 Monday 22nd June 2009 APPB0913 Minutes for 05/05/09
APPB0914 Agenda for 22/06/09
APPB0915 Project Managers Report
APPB0916 Action Log
APPB0917 Communications Plan
 Tuesday 5th May 2009 APPB0906 Minutes for 23/03/09
APPB0907 Agenda for 05/05/09
APPB0908 Postgraduate Applicant Portal PID
APPB0909 Project Managers Report
APPB0910 Action Log
APPB0911 Communications Plan
 Monday 23rd March 2009 APPB0900 Agenda for 23/03/09
APPB0901 Project Board Terms of Reference
APPB0902 Postgraduate Applicant Portal PID
APPB0903 Project Managers Report
APPB0904 Design Proposal
APPB0905 Communications Plan


Project Team Meetings and Papers

 Date of Meeting Paper
Thursday 4th March  
Wednesday 13th January APPT0907 Action Log
Thursday 17th December APPT0906 Action Log
Tuesday 8th December  
Tuesday 17th November APPT0905 Action Log
Monday 9th November APPB0926 Action Log
APPB0929 Applicant Portal Project Plan
Friday the 30th October APPT0903 Action Log
APPT0904 Project Plan
Monday the 28th September Canceled
Monday the 21st September APPT0903 Action Log
APPT0904 Project Plan
Thursday the 3rd September APPT0901 Action Log
APPT0902 Project Plan
Monday 17th August Action Log
Project Plan
Wednesday 29th July 2009 Action Log
Project Plan
Tuesday 7th July 2009 Action Log
Project Plan
Thursday 25th June 2009 Action Log
Project Plan
Meetings prior to 25th June 2009 Action Log
Project Plan
Workshop Notes