Registry Reviews

Project dates Sept 2009 - Aug 2010
Project manager Chris Austin ( ext 5392 
Project status Completed


Project aims and objectives

The Projects Team have been working with staff from Registry Services to review current activities and identify areas with scope for systemisation or process review. The intention is to achieve efficiencies in an era of increased demand and change. Graduation was reviewed in September 2009, Examinations in October/November 2009 and Student Records in January 2010. Action plans are available below in the Key Documents section.

Review Teams

 Graduation Examinations Student Records
 Ewa Thompson  Ewa Thompson  David Gibson
 Lisa Lindsey-Clark  Lisa Lindsey-Clark  Sandy Day
 Jane King  Simon Sexton  Jodie Davies
   Karen Scant  Nicola Feltham
   Isla Morgan  Juliet Stubbington

Key documents

Registry Review Action Plan - Graduation
Registry Review Action Plan - Exams

Registry Review Action Plan - Student Records (31 August 2010)


Latest news

The Student Records Review Team met on 13 and 26 January 2010 and an action plan has been agreed.  Meetings with Ian Tilsed to discuss proposals for Academic Systems Team led developments were held on 15 February and 6 April.   This work will be handed over to the Director of Student Services in September 2010