University of Exeter Doctoral College


 Project dates  From November 2013
 Project manager  Anne-Marie Baker
 Project status  In progress


Project aims and objectives

The University of Exeter Doctoral College has the following objectives:

- to deliver a high quality, operationally efficient and consistent postgraduate research (PGR) and early career research (ECR) experience

- to support the local College delivery of PGR and ECR services

- to provide physical and virtual space for working, collaborating, exhibiting and networking

- to ensure the successful delivery of existing Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) and support the creation of future partnerships

- to train and develop our PGRs and ECRs and launch high quality future careers

- to establish a stronger PGR/ECR brand and voice internally

- to  raise the research reputation of the University internationally


Latest news

The Business Case for the University of Exeter Doctoral College will be presented to VCEG on 23rd Feb 2015.