Reviews are carried out to improve ways of working and eliminate duplication.


Review objective

The objective of reviews is to improve ways of working, seeking to resolve incompatible or unwieldy systems, eliminating duplication in order to free up resources to improve services, and seeking to deliver services that meet customer needs in an efficient and effective way. This involves not only looking at the ways things are done, but also looking at what is done corporately and what is done in Colleges and deciding on the appropriate balance.

Types of reviews

There are currently three different types of reviews and all use the documentation appropriate to the topic as identified in the toolset table below.

  • The full business process review (BPR) uses a review team comprising a coordinator, chair, leader and a panel which meets three times. It is highly effective when dealing with areas of activity where there is not an obvious solution, and where engagement of staff at an operational level is key to the success of proposed changes.

  • The 'light' BPR model subsumes the role of the Chair and Leader. It is most useful when the work has a clear focus, the sponsor has defined specific processes for review and resources have been assigned (or may be saved as a result of the work).

  • The research review removes the role of review chair and leader. Instead, a project manager leads the review with input from all the stakeholders. Assistance from staff in the areas of interest can be sought to carry out the research. It is most effective when we require more information as a precursor to a known development, which can include systems. A research review is often followed by a formal project to implement changes or system improvements.

For further information, please see the document on the variants of reviews.

Review toolset

 Document  Full process review  'Light' process review  Research review
 Review guidelines  yes  yes   if necessary
 Review panel first meeting agenda  yes  if necessary  no
 Review panel work plan  yes  if necessary  if necessary
 Process model (in Visio format)  if necessary  if necessary  if necessary
 Review panel final report  yes  yes   no 
 Research review final report  no  no  yes
 Review panel final meeting agenda  yes  if necessary  no