HR Strategy

The University promotes a high-performance-high-reward culture and the Human Resource strategy supports this aspiration by creating an environment which enables all members of staff to maximise their contribution to the achievement of the key institutional goals and in which all relevant forms of excellence are recognised and rewarded in a bias-free way.

The HR Strategy is summarised by the following aims and values:

Engagement. All members of staff will have a clear understanding about what is expected of them and will be encouraged to maximise their contribution to the delivery of agreed goals and objectives.

Recruitment and Retention. The University will attract and retain appropriately skilled and qualified staff to enable it to deliver its overall strategy.

Recognition and Reward. The University’s reward systems will encourage and recognise relevant excellence in all of its many forms

Learning and Development. The University will ensure that all employees have the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to properly perform their full range of duties and will actively encourage staff to accept responsibility for their own development.

Equality of Opportunity. The culture of the University will be one in which the value of diversity is recognised and in which bias free, clear and transparent criteria will be used to determine progression and reward.

Simplified Management. The University will devolve to College Deans and Heads of Professional Services responsibility for routine people management decisions, with Human Resources providing professional advisory services to support the achievement of Institutional goals.

Each year the Vice Chancellor’s Executive Group agrees a set of goals to progress these aims in the Annual Operating Plan for HR, which can be viewed on the Dual Assurance webpages (Exeter users only).

The Council of the University is currently reviewing the HR Strategy of the University and further details will be published in the Summer Term 2011 once this is completed.