Professional HR advice to Colleges and senior management

Governing strategies

  • HR Strategy
  • Statutory provisions on employment, equality and immigration, work permits etc.
  • University policies and procedures
  • Partnership agreements
  • University Terms and Conditions of Employment and Statutes

Level of service

Human Resources will:

  • Provide strategic and operational advice to all levels of management within Colleges/Professional Services on employment and associated issues.
  • Provide strategic and operational employment-related advice to Senior Management and School Planning Groups.
  • Provide appropriate employment-related management information to College Deans/Heads of Service, Senior Management, other Professional Services (eg Research Accounting, CaP) and University Committees and Groups.
  • Negotiate on behalf of the University on employment matters with other relevant bodies, trade unions and Partners.
  • Provide individual advice to staff.

Key indicators

Key indicators for this activity are:

  • School Planning Groups and Heads are aware of the employment implications of proposed actions.
  • Key staff are retained and rewarded in line with the HR Strategy.
  • Compliance with Partnerships contracts.

Performance targets

Subject to the Dependencies below:

  • 100% attendance at meetings of School Planning Groups.
  • Provision of timely and accurate management information.
  • The nature of most professional HR advice to Colleges and Senior Management makes it inappropriate to specify quantifiable performance targets. Such advice and support needs to be timely and appropriate and Human Resources will consult regularly with key clients in Colleges and Senior Management to assess the quality of service provided.

Key contacts

  • HR Business Partners


Complaints about aspects of the service should be made to your College HR Business Partner in the first instance. In the event that the customer/client remains dissatisfied following informal discussion with the HR Business Partner , the issue should be raised in writing with the Director of Human Resources who will normally respond within 5 working days.

Dependencies (Colleges)

To operate effectively in this service area, Human Resources requires:

  • Schools to provide, in good time, full details and supporting information/documentation.

Dependencies (external and other Professional Services)

Human Resources goals in this area may be affected by:

  • the availability of resources from other Professional Services (including CaP, Finance Services, Campus Services, TCS) to support this process.