There are three categories of Clinical Academics employed by the University of Exeter.  These are:

  • Clinical Lecturers/Clinical Research Fellows (Junior Doctors/Doctors in Training)
  • Clinical Consultants/Senior Academic GP's (fully qualified clinicians who are working at Consultant level) and
  • (Occasionally) GP Tutors who are not working at Senior Academic GP level.

With the exception of Clinical Lecturers who are appointed through the Deanery, recruitment should be directed to the Recruitment Team in HR Services to work with the Medical School (and jointly with the Trust for Consultant level appointments).

Process for recruiting clinical academics

Clinical Academics are recruited using the normal Recruitment Process for Clinical Academics

You may also wish to see the process for appointing NIHR Clinical Lecturers appointed through the Deanery.

Job Description

Before the role can be advertised the job description needs to be confirmed.  Once the job description has been agreed then, for consultant level posts, including Senior Academic GP's, the relevant Royal College must be contacted and written approval given.  The specific professional qualifications needed for the post and the relevant Royal College should be included on the Job Description.


For Consultant level posts, the advert should state that the post is a consultant level appointment and the grade level but salary level should not be specified. 


The membership for the selection panel for a Clinical Academic (Consultant level) post should be:

  • Vice Chancellor to Chair Panel (or nominated representative)
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Medical School
  • Vice Dean of Research or Education
  • Representative of Council (depending upon level of appointment)
  • Medical School HR Business Partner (or nominated representative)
  • Head of Institute and/ or line manager of the post
  • NHS Trust Medical Director or their nominated representative
  • NHS Trust clinician, in a relevant specialty
  • Royal College representative

Confirmation of details

After interview and selection the HR team will contact the candidate's current employer to confirm the candidate's current NHS scale point, their years of seniority and pay threshold, the date of transfer to the consultant scale and if the candidate has any allowances, such as for Excellence Awards.

The HR team will also contact the NHS Trust to inform the Trust that the individual has the following current checks

  • the right to work in the UK
  • GMC registration and a license to practice
  • Disclosure and Barring
  • Medical Clearance

They will also request a copy of the honorary contract for the appointee's University of Exeter HR file, confirm the number of PAs for the honorary role (if appropriate) and request a copy of the person's clinical job plan (if appropriate).

The HR team issue the employment contract and the healthcare provider issues the honorary contract.