Appeals under the Procedure

An employee has the right to appeal against a decision to terminate their employment under this Procedure.

The right of appeal must be exercised within two weeks of receipt of the letter of confirmation of this decision. The appeal, stating the grounds on which it is made, must be in writing addressed to the Director of Human Resources.

The Director of Human Resources will make arrangements for the appeal to be heard – ideally within four weeks of the appeal being lodged – by the College Dean/Head of Service or other senior managers who has had no previous involvement in the case.

The appeal will generally be a review of the original decision rather than a re-hearing. The manager who conducted the meeting will be required to attend the appeal to explain the reasons for the decision they made and to answer questions, both from the panel and from the employee (and/or the person accompanying them).

Exceptionally, the appeal panel may consider that new evidence should be presented, in which case it may be necessary for other witnesses to attend. The Director of Human Resources (or designate) will make the appropriate arrangements.

The appeal panel may:

  • uphold  the decision that the employment should be terminated on the expiry of the current fixed term contract;
  • extend the contract for a further fixed term, subject to SR1 approval;
  • convert the employment to an open-ended appointment, subject to SR1 approval.

The procedure for appeals is set out in Ordinance 26.

The decision of the Appeal Body is final within the procedures of the University, although in most cases of dismissal the (former) employee will have the right to make an application to an Employment Tribunal.