Refocusing our Resources

Taking account of the current global health crisis and its impact on the University, we are considering how to refocus our resources onto essential activities that we need to continue over the coming weeks. We are grateful to those colleagues who have already offered to volunteer to work in other parts of the University to support key operations. This information has been captured, and will be acted upon imminently.

We are requesting Professional Services colleagues outline their availability for key operational activities. We also need colleagues to update us on their broader skillsets and how these could be utilised over the coming months.

What we are we asking for?

We are inviting Professional Services staff to complete the online form below, which will collect information on your skills, interests and availability.

Managers requiring additional resources during this unprecedented time can also request help via the form detailed in the managers’ section below.

What happens next?

The forms will be used to match appropriate staff to roles that need to be fulfilled within the University, and as such, will form a critical part of our response to the crisis. Once we have an emerging picture of the skills gap, we will aim to refocus appropriate resource into those areas, ensuring the University continues to run as smoothly as possible in these challenging times. This will be an ongoing exercise, and we expect that further managerial forms will be received the longer this evolving situation continues to run.

For staff

If you have spare capacity to help other areas of the University that are struggling, please discuss any availability you may have with your line manager and then complete the online TR4 form.

Types of activities could include:

  • Calling/emailing students based across the city/in Halls who are self-isolating to find out if they need any support with this 
  • Calling PGR students to find out if they are OK
  • Responding to requests for support by arranging food
  • Delivering supplies
  • Coronavirus mailbox for PGRs
  • Wider volunteering network for supporting the communities around us

Types of skills could include:

  • IT super users for Teams
  • Project management skills
  • Communications skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Financial management
  • HR skills

For Managers

If you are a line manager and require help during these unprecedented times please complete the online TR5 form.


1. How will I be matched to work required?
- We will use the information you have provided in the online TR4 form about your skills, your current job role and your availability to match to the priority activities we need to support. 

2. Who will be administering the service?
- The Temporary Resourcing team, they can be contacted on

3. Should I let my line manager know I have completed the form?
- Yes. Please discuss your availability with your line manager check they don’t have additional work you are not aware of before completing the form.

4. Will I be expected to work more than my contractual hours?
- We do not expect staff to work more than their normal contracted hours but during this challenging period we are asking staff to be more flexible. This could mean that the times you work are different to your normal working arrangements.

5. If I offer to cover work as a lower grade, will I be paid less?
- No you will be paid at your normal rate.

6. If I offer to cover work at a higher grade than I am currently paid will I receive any extra?
- We expect to be able to match available work against the skills and grade of staff who are available. Exceptionally, if you are asked to work at a higher grade, you will be paid the difference.

7. What will happen when the University re-opens fully?
- You will be expected to return to the duties of your original role.


1. How will work be allocated?
- Priority will be given to essential areas across the University and then on a first come first served basis.

2. How long can we have the additional help for?
- This will be dependent on the availability of the person helping you and when the University becomes fully operational again.

3. Who can I contact to discuss my requirements and what may be possible?
- This service will be managed by the Temporary Resourcing team who can be contacted on and will be able to advise further.

4. Can I use this service when essential staff need to self-isolate?
- Absolutely, as staff become unavailable please complete the TR5 request form.

5. How long will it take before I can expect some additional help?
- The team will respond within one working day to your request, with next steps and further details.