Right to return to substantive post

External and internal secondments only

  • Any change in terms and conditions (eg if seconded to a higher pay band) is temporary and the employee will return to their substantive post and terms and conditions at the end of the secondment period. This will be stated in a change of contract letter
  • The secondment will end on the date stated and the employee will return to their substantive post on its terms and conditions.
  • The right to return to the substantive post will normally be retained except where this is not practical due to reorganisation or where for business reasons a role requires a long term backfill solution.
  • Where organisational change occurs during the secondment that may affect the secondee’s substantive post, the University will consult with the individual about the impact of the changes and options available. If appropriate, the University will seek suitable alternative employment should the individual’s substantive role no longer exist.

Similarly where other changes are proposed to the substantive role, such as changes of duties, line manager, employer etc, these changes must be discussed in advance of the effective date of the changes with the secondee. Where such changes my affect the secondee’s grade, the employee must be kept informed of progress and given the same opportunity as non-seconded staff to access information, support etc.