Why secondments?

The University of Exeter supports the use of secondments and Line Managers are encouraged to take a positive approach to considering requests for secondments from individuals. The University of Exeter supports the use of secondments where it:

  • supports development for the individual
  • supports career paths
  • adds to the skills base of the University, College or Service
  • deals with short-term issues or work levels
  • builds strong links with external organisations

Secondments can be used to meet some or all of the following objectives:

  • managerial expertise can be developed
  • goals as detailed in the PDP or PDR can be achieved
  • the exchange of information and ideas across partner organisations
  • a particular skill is matched to a business need
  • essential resources are provided to a particular business area at a particular time for a specified period
  • it is more cost effective than other short term resourcing options. Secondments should not normally be used to provide cover for permanent vacancies.
  • benefit to networking and partnership working