Pre-travel health related matters

Employees should consult the NHS guidance around vaccinations and medications.  If health advice or immunisations are required for the country to which the employee will be travelling, the employee will be responsible for organising these.  Costs of immunisations may be reimbursed in certain cases.  Agreement must be sought beforehand from your line manager. 

1) Pre-existing medical conditions (including disability and other health matters)
Members of staff with a disability or any other pre-existing medical condition that could be potentially exacerbated by the proposed work overseas should declare this to the line manager.  It is important that such considerations form part of the risk assessment process, so that where possible, suitable arrangements can be identified.  Any feasible reasonable adjustments for disability should be arranged well in advance of travel.  NB some countries restrict the entry of people with certain medical conditions, such as previous or current mental health issues, HIV or hepatitis, and may be required to provide medical information such as recent blood test before entry can be granted.  Employees can check the relevant entry requirements of their specific country of travel on the governments website (weblink)

2) European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
An EHIC grants access to state-provided healthcare (where it is medically necessary) within the European Economic Area (EEA) countries (including Switzerland), normally at a reduced cost, or sometimes free, depending on the country’s state provisions.  The EHIC is a free card, and eligible individuals can apply by filling in the EHIC online application form.

An EHIC card does not replace and should not be used as a substitute for travel insurance (see Insurance) and it will not cover any private medical care costs or repatriation.  These cards are also time-limited and staff should check the expiry date of their EHIC prior to travelling.

In some countries, additional private health insurance may be required.  See also the NHS guide on ‘moving abroad: planning for your healthcare’.

Employees responsible for obtaining their own health guidance and immunisations/health related entry requirements
Employees to obtain EHIC where relevant
Employees should notify the University Insurance office that they will be working overseas and confirm the dates