What to do when you are called for jury service

Jury service

  1. The University will grant staff time off for jury service.

  2. Employees called for jury service must inform their Dean of College/Head of Service and Human Resources.

  3. If jury service lasts for less than half a day the employee must return to work for the remainder of the day, wherever practicable.

  4. Employees should keep their line manager regularly informed about how long they are likely to be away from work.

  5. The University will not pay employees while they are on jury service.

  6. An employee on jury service should therefore claim “loss of earnings” from Her Majesty’s Courts Service (HMCS). The employee should forward a HMCS “Certificate of Loss of Earning or Benefit” to Human Resources for completion then pass the completed form to the Court.

  7. To ensure that the employee is not disadvantaged by any delay in the payment by the Court of loss of earnings and to recognise that the actual loss of earnings is unlikely to be certain at the time of the University’s payroll is run, the University will continue to pay the employee their normal pay until they have received notification from HMCS of the loss of earnings.

  8. The employee is under a duty to promptly notify Human Resources of all loss of earnings compensation received from HMCS. The employee will need to send Human Resources the original copy of the remittance advice sent by HMCS.

  9. In accordance with the paragraph 9(b) on jury service outlined in the Conditions of Employment, the University will make an adjustment to salary so that the employee’s net pay (after statutory deductions) plus the loss of earnings compensation received from HMCS equals normal net pay. Pension contributions will not be affected. (No further authority to adjust pay is required from the employee since this is provided for within the Conditions of Employment.)

For example:

  • Normal net pay is £850 per calendar month;
  • This month, the employee has received £50 loss of earnings from HMRC;
  • Net pay this month is £800 (ie a deduction of £50 is made to net pay after the application of all other deductions and reductions).